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Construction method

Constructive method

First, in order to deeply understand the constructive method, we must say that scale models are customized products. Therefore, each model is unique and needs different methods to be applied on it. However, there are some procedures that can be generalized.

As a starting point, we take plans and documentation brought by the customer, so we can advise him/her in the choice of type of model (realistic or conceptual) and also which is the proper scale. When laid down, we draw with computer every piece that will be part of the model 1.

Afterwards, pieces are cut by laser, since the basic material is methacrylate 2. Finally, we proceed to their assembly 3.

When they assembled, the different parts are painted with a spray gun 4 and, finally, we join all elements of the scale model by different adhesive techniques. These elements could be the buildings, the topography features and the complements that give the scale to the model (trees, people, cars). That’s the way we can offer a high quality and professional model 5.

Furthermore it is worth mentioning that, thanks to constant spirit of self-improvement, at Artkitech we are constantly applying and experimenting with new materials, as well as different techniques of illumination integrated in models, in order to offer the best quality and innovation.
In fact, innovation leads us to develop high-tech models, such as that of Parc Tecnològic de Santa Perpètua de Mogoda which mixes a physical scale model with some video shows.


Taller de maquetas foto 1 Taller de maquetas foto 2 Taller de maquetas foto 3 Taller de maquetas foto 4 Taller de maquetas foto 5 Taller de maquetas foto 6

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