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Architectural and real estate models


Architectural and real estate models

Artkitech is a professional model studio committed to make quality architectural models for real estate development as well as for architectural tenders. Thanks to his long and proven experience in the sector, it enjoys the confidence of high-level architects. This can be possible through the application of high-precision technologies, very accurate artistic techniques and using only the best materials. We are based in Vic (close to Barcelona), and thus it allows us to optimize costs and to provide service everywhere. We can visually keep customer updated on the progress of his model thanks to our digital capabilities. Artkitech undertakes your project as if it was ours. We customize models looking for the best solution for each case and we research into new materials and new concepts in order to bring you the best quality and to fulfill your highest expectations. Moreover, we always meet the deadlines and offer very exclusive models to our customers.
Scale models can be classified into two groups:

Architectural Models

Scale models used for architectural purposes are purer and more conceptual than realistic. Normally those models are used for different purposes, such as, architectural tenders, official presentations of projects and urban planning. They are topographic and volumetric. It is worth mentioning that we also design models with a high technological characteristic in which, supported by explanatory videos, we give live to physic model (view the video).

Models for real estate development

Those scale models are usually used for building commercial constructions and they are more realistic, although Artkitech gives them a special and customized treatment. They are usually models of apartment buildings, houses, detailed interiors and also golf courses.

All of them can be illuminated, dismantled and sectioned, once we have previously studied the project and laid the best technical solution down.

Construmat 2011
Artkitech va tornar a estar present a l'edició d'enguany de Construmat, repetint experičncia amb la revista especialitzada d'arquitectura "L'Art de Viure Andorra".
El constant degoteig de visitants i professionals d'arreu del món interessats en les nostres maquetes ens fan constatar un čxit rotund i unes bones perspectives.

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